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PPP Seeks to Reclaim 200,000 ‘Lost Votes’ and Retain House Seats

Jakarta. The Muslim-based United Development Party (PPP) filed a motion to the Constitutional Court on Saturday claiming that it had lost at least 200,000 votes, in its efforts to retain representation in the House of Representatives.

The PPP received 3.87 percent of the vote in the Feb. 14 general elections, falling short of the minimum 4 percent to win a House seat.

PPP Executive Achmad Baidowi claims that there were numerous incidents in which votes for the PPP were mistakenly counted towards rival parties.

According to Achmad, the PPP lawsuit covers alleged incidents in 30 electoral districts across 18 provinces.

“Based on our inquiry, there is evidence indicating that votes for PPP weren’t counted as such in numerous electoral districts,” Achmad said.

The motion demands that the Constitutional Court add 200,000 more votes to PPP’s tally and declare the party’s eligibility to have representation in the House.

If accepted, PPP’s tally will reach 6.08 million votes or just above 4 percent of the 151.8 million popular votes cast during the legislative polls.

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Achmad said the PPP legal team involved 23 lawyers who have prepared the evidence and witnesses for upcoming court hearings.


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